Pre-Native Care

Our washing machine is broken again, it’s filled with murky, foul-smelling water, so I was going to take a Lyft to a laundromat but I thought what better way to prepare for the trip than to strap a large, unbalanced load to my bike and ride there in flip-flops!

IMG_0959 2.JPGThis worked great. I took it pretty slow and I think I lost a sock but other than that it was a smashing success.

I hadn’t been to a laundromat in a while and I committed what I now believe was a laundromat faux pax. I folded my dry clothes by reaching into the dryer to retrieve each individual item and then turning around and folding them on the table, leaving the dryer door open the whole time. This effectively blocked off the entire aisle. I’m sorry everyone at Our Beautiful Laudrette, but I’m going to Vietnam! It didn’t help that I’m now working with five similar but distinct kinds of socks.


This is too many kinds of socks. I think it’s time to start making some cuts. I’m looking at you, second from the left.

I got my typhoid vaccine which turns out to be four pills taken every other day. It also turns out to be $87. I’m now on two different kinds of exotic disease medications. That’s how you know you’re traveling.

Oh the malaria pills did NOT give me nightmares, but they did make me feel like I was a little stoned. I know what you’re gonna ask, were you a little stoned? And the answer is, no. No I was not. But fair question.

Joe takes off around 1am, I take off at 2:20am. I’ll probably check in from the plane if there’s Wi-Fi. I mean what the fuck else am I gonna do.


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