Greece is the Country

After some arguing and foot-dragging, we have decided on a destination for this year’s trip. It’s Greece. We’re flying into Athens, birthplace of democracy, to find out where it all went wrong. We have three nights booked at a hotel, but Joe has reminded me on two separate occasions that we can cancel this hotel if we want, which makes me think that we should probably cancel it. After that we got nothing. I have no idea what to do in Greece. I’m supposed to be researching things I want to do and then bringing them to Joe midweek, which is today, but I got nothing. I looked up an 8 day trip on Crete? Seems cool. Joe wants to get in the water every day? Sure. Speedos? Maybe. Ruins and whatnot? The cradle of western civilization?? Come on! I imagine we’ll just wander around and get smarter as we do. Anyone have any suggestions? Any greeks out there? Only two people visit this website on any given day and I strongly suspect their names are Mom and Dad, but if you guys have ideas I’d love to hear them. We got some time.

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