Day 0: Incremental Progress

Did I work yesterday? I did work. I was at the office. Some people got fired up about some stuff but I let it wash over me, confident in 2 bedrock principles of office life: 1. It will get handled, and 2. It’s definitely not as big of a deal as you’re making it out to be. To be totally honest I was mostly there to pick up speedos.

Back when we first made the decision to go to Greece, Joe made a joke about us wearing speedos. I took it semi-seriously, it’s Greece after all, and mentioned this idea to my coworker Adam who is a speedo aficionado. He offered to loan me one if I didn’t want to invest in a new bathing suit style without knowing if it was truly for me.

“Do you feel weird about wearing a borrowed swimsuit?”

“I do not.”

After that I let it go. I always kind of thought I would buy one. I looked for them at Target the other day, but we all know how that went, so, down to the wire, I texted Adam.

“Hey can I borrow that speedo?”

“Sure What color?”

“No real preference. Something festive”

The thing is though, he forgot them. So I went to work for NOTHING. I managed to get out of there a little early and run few last minute errands. I went by our West Hollywood location first where a nice girl said that we HAD to see Istanbul and recommended we work with a travel planner. Probably solid advice given our reluctance to make any real arrangements on our own, but I fear even planning on working with a travel planner might be beyond us. I left and took another run at Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse.

What am I supposed to do with this

I got in there and got to work. I had a solid recommendation from a man who does quite a bit of hiking that Merrells are a solid shoe. I zig-zagged until I found them in an out of the way corner I hadn’t seen before. I found a boot that seemed like it probably had the qualities I was looking for. Comfort, not too hideous, and water-proof! They seemed like a good compromise between comfort and style. To do my shoe diligence, I also tried on a proper hiking shoe. I cannot stand the way these shoes look, all hiking shoes really, they seem purposefully designed so that the ONLY place they look appropriate is on a trail somewhere – I wouldn’t even wear them in the car on the way to the hike – but lord have mercy they are comfortable. My feet felt like new feet. My arches sang, fully supported for the first time in years. I was forced to face the fact that the shoes I wear on a daily basis are actually uncomfortable. I took them off. Now what. I had a boot I felt good about and a shoe I felt amazing in but couldn’t possibly wear in public. On top that, they were buy 1, get one 50% off. I don’t need two pairs of shoes! I’m going to buy a hiking shoe for the two times a year I go hiking?? No, I’m not doing that. Stay focused, buy the boot, get out of there.

Got the boot

As soon as I walked out of the store I started to wish I’d bought the hiking shoe also.This is the essence of why I hate shopping. There’s always something to regret, either the thing bought or the thing not bought. I’ve never left a shopping experience fully satisfied. I’ll allow for the possibility this may be more of an internal problem than a problem with shopping. Lots of people successfully shop every day. What’s wrong with them?

I went home and cleaned the shit out of my apartment, nothing worse than coming home to a mess. I packed and then for some incomprehensible reason, I went bowling.

Spice world

I occasionally sub on this team called Panther Spice. It’s a blast, they have team vests, and I don’t get to do it very often so when I got invited to do so, even on the night before I leave town for two and a half weeks, I said yes. We rolled pretty well but only took one of the four available points. I averaged 179 over three games but I was bowling fourth so in these close games, it always came down to me in the tenth frame, and even though it’s a combined score, I felt like I was responsible for either winning or losing the games. It was fun pressure but I don’t feel great about the fact that we only won one of the games and OH GOD WHY ARE YOU BOWLING?? Go home and get ready!

I went home and finished packing. Against all odds, I am ready to go. Thanks for bearing with me for these pre-trip posts, I will see you in Athens.

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